Textbooks and Vouchers

The university has partnered with MBS Direct, the largest online college and university bookstore system in the nation, to provide textbooks for the students of Rochester University. The online store offers new books, used books, rentals, and e-books 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The online store site includes textbook information for each course, including titles, ISBNs, and pricing. Textbooks are not sold on campus. Students can access the online store from www.rc.edu/textbooks.

Any student who has a credit balance after financial aid awards are packaged will receive a book voucher. Students will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase textbooks using this voucher from the online bookstore. If a student would like to opt out of the bookstore voucher, the student must email his or her student financial services adviser (sfs@rc.edu). At that point, the student financial services adviser will cancel the voucher, and, if credit allows, the student will receive a refund check once all aid has been posted to the student’s account.

Students may also obtain a voucher to purchase school supplies and sportswear in the campus store. Students may ask for a campus store voucher any time the student has a credit balance on his or her account by emailing sfs@rc.edu. If the student has questions, he or she may contact student financial services.

Students will receive a full refund for textbook purchases due to a cancelled course.