Communication Methods

Rochester University may communicate with students via several methods, including (but not limited to) U.S. Mail, phone, e-mail, the RU App, or social media platforms. Students should inform the university whenever a change is made to their contact information. An official university e-mail address is issued to each student at the time he or she is admitted to Rochester University. This official e-mail address takes the form of a person’s first initial and last name, followed by “” (e.g.,

Students are responsible for activating their RU e-mail accounts; this may be accomplished on the student portal at Students must check email regularly in order to receive important messages and notifications; as a general guideline, students should check their RU email at least once a day as certain communications may be time-sensitive. Failure to read and respond to official Rochester University communications sent to the student’s official RU e-mail address may result in discipline sanctions dependent on the nature of the communication. Failure to read and respond to these communications does not absolve the student from knowing and complying with the content of those communications.

Use of e-mail for official communications with students complies with other applicable Rochester University policies and business practices.