Student Media

Faculty in the Mass Communication Department train and oversee students in the preparation and production of Shield Media, RU’s student magazine, the online version, and videos. Working in these areas offers students the opportunity to use their creative talents in producing content while at the same time gaining valuable media experience. Joining Shield Media staff allows students to participate in the complete production of a magazine and website. These pieces are designed, written, edited, and produced by students for the Rochester University community. Mass Communication majors are required to work for Shield Media, and students from other majors are welcome to participate as well. Scholarships are available to students who work as editors and producers.

How to get involved

Even with no experience in media work, students who have an interest in writing, editing, design, film/video, or photography are encouraged to volunteer for Shield Media. Students are trained and advised by faculty so that they can obtain these valuable skills.

In addition to serving as a campus voice for students, another benefit of working on Shield is that students create work for their portfolios, which can be used when applying for internships and jobs. Students must enroll in MCM 1101 Shield Media Workshop, which is a hands-on workshop class. Mass Communication majors must enroll in MCM 1101 three times.