Student Engagement

New-Student Engagement

The Center for Student Life is committed to helping students navigate the transition to Rochester University by offering co-curricular programs specifically designed for new students. New-student programs are designed to prepare students for both short and long term decisions, opportunities, challenges, and expectations.

New-student engagement programs include: New Student Orientation, Strengths Finder Exploration, Warrior Week, and the Integrated Learning Seminar.

Student Engagement Mission

The mission of student engagement, in support of the mission of Rochester University and the Center for Student Life, is to enhance the educational experience for all students through the development of, exposure to, and participation in co-curricular programming that advances student engagement and leadership, while propelling students toward a life of purpose, meaning, and faith.

Greek Life

Greek organizations exist to support and embody the mission and values of student engagement by uniting students of common interests through the integration of faith, service, learning, living, and leading. Greek life offers growth opportunities through a range of programs, events, and activities with a select group of peers. The purpose and goals of Greek life are accomplished through formal induction ceremonies, regular meetings, times of devotion, service work, inter-club athletics, and Celebration, among other programs, events, and activities.