Intercultural and Spiritual Life

The mission of Intercultural & Spiritual Life is to enhance the overall student experience through the development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, spiritual, and educational programs. Through such initiatives students will advance and promote a campus culture that fosters faith formation, cultural engagement, and student support. The aim is to create a campus community that produces considerate, courageous individuals who are equipped intellectually, spiritually, and culturally to change the world.

Intercultural Life

Rochester University is committed to continuing its efforts in creating a diverse, and welcoming community for all students, staff, and faculty to thrive. Intercultural life is aligned with our institutional mission, and our Christian identity. Students will participate in structured programs, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities to gain broaden sense of intercultural understanding. Through collaboration with other members on campus, and area churches, the hope is to offer educational experiences that provide cultural support for historically underrepresented students.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual life at Rochester University is exhibited on our campus through campus ministry initiatives, service opportunities, and chapel programming. Each of these experiences lead to spiritual formation, and a greater sense of vocation among our students. Campus ministry initiatives focuses on developing programs, resources, and learning opportunities that develop faith formation in our students. Service projects, community outreach, and missions are all embedded values in our institution. For more information on these initiatives visit the Spiritual Life section of the Student Handbook.

Chapel programming provides a space where the campus community can gather together for a designated time of inspiration, to worship God, and to hear His word. For more information on how chapel grades are calculated, see Chapel/Convocation Series