Traditional and MRE Programs Payment Options

Payment at Registration

Students must have any prior balances on their accounts settled before beginning the registration process. Full payment or the first installment of the payment plan is due on the semester due date. Students will not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester or receive a copy of their transcripts until their payment status is current.

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
Initial Payment Aug. 22, 2019 Jan. 9, 2020 April 30, 2020
Installment 2 Sept. 15, 2019 Feb. 15, 2020 June 15, 2020
Installment 3 Oct. 15, 2019 March 15, 2020 July 15, 2020
Installment 4 Nov. 15, 2019 April 15, 2020 August 15, 2019
Census Date Sept. 6, 2019 Jan. 24, 2020 No Census Date

Semester Payment Plan

Students unable to pay the full amount on the payment due date may use the semester payment plan. One-third of the total semester balance (less financial aid awards) must be paid on the payment due date, and the remaining two-thirds are paid in three equal monthly payments due on or before the dates listed above. A fee is charged for using the payment plan. Students may be charged a late fee if payments arrive after the due date for each payment. The payment plan may be unavailable to students with a history of late payments or to those whose a previous Rochester University account was passed to a collection agency.