Department of Mass Communication

The Mass Communication program will prepare you to think critically as well as communicate clearly and effectively. Your coursework will prepare you to become a professional in the media field who exhibits ethical and faith-based approaches to your work.

The program offers a selection of five tracks to specialize in: broadcast media arts, digital media arts, graphic design, journalism, and public relations.

The broadcast media arts, digital media arts and graphic design tracks are hands on, technical programs offered through a special partnership we have with Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Students pursuing these tracks should take the Specs Howard coursework during their sophomore or junior year. This portion of coursework requires three consecutive semesters and students must be prepared to pay summer tuition when financial aid is not dispersed.

Students pursuing the journalism and public relations tracks complete all coursework at Rochester College.

All students will obtain practical experience by working with Shield Media, RC’s student media, and through a media internship.


Program Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the Mass Communication program will be able to

  1. Produce all forms of mass communication by applying media concepts through writing, oral presentations and digital technologies.
  2. Critically evaluate their own work and that of others for accuracy, fairness, and clarity.
  3. Understand and evaluate historical and cultural forms of mass communication with special focus on professional  practices and audience diversity.
  4. Apply professional ethical principles aligned to the First Amendment with special focus on the relationship between media ethics and vocation.