Residential Facilities

Residential facilities are maintained in a cooperative effort between the Residence Life, Housekeeping and Maintenance departments. Although common spaces are regularly cleaned, residents are responsible for showing courtesy to others by doing their part to keep the space clean. Residents are also responsible for cleaning their own rooms.

Reporting Facility Problems

Residents should assist Housekeeping and Maintenance by reporting problems. This may be accomplished by reporting the needed maintenance issue or housekeeping problem via email to, or either to the Coordinator or Resident Advisor in person or via email.

In case of emergency involving water or electrical outages, please contact Maintenance at 248.218.2080 or Security at 248.218.2911 or 248.765.8013 and your Coordinator immediately.

College maintenance personnel reserve the right to enter rooms for repairs and for safety inspections. Residents will be notified by maintenance leaving a written notice indicating repairs were completed.

Fines and Special Fees

Charges and fines, which may be assessed to a student’s account, include some of the following: excessive noise, screen tampering or removal, improper facilities use, failure to clean, lost or improper key usage, room change fees, late check-out, improper check-out, lack of roommate preparations, damage, etc.

Residential Dining Facilities

On-campus dining and catering is outsourced to Aladdin Food Management Services. The Fletcher Center Cafeteria is located on the lower level of the Associates Campus Center building. Three meals are served daily except on Saturday and Sunday where brunch and dinner are provided. All students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan, except for residents living in Palmer Hall with college-provided kitchenettes in their apartments. Students who commute to campus may purchase a meal plan through the Business Office. Students on a meal plan must enter the cafeteria by swiping their ID card. Students without a meal plan will be required to pay cash at the door or use available funds on their ID card.

Dining courtesy is expected at all times from dining students and their guests. Diners should be able to eat free from excessive noise or indecent behavior from other students. Students are expected to clear their own tables, take trash to the receptacles, and return trays and dishes. Students disregarding such courtesy are subject to disciplinary action or loss of dining privileges. Specific dining policies may be read in the Aladdin’s Dining Services brochure.

Questions or concerns may be directed to the Assistant Dean of Community Living.

Meal Plans

The basic meal plan contains 19-meals per week and $100 credited on ID card. Residents requesting modification or exemption status must complete a meal modification/exemption form available on the Student Portal. Please include documentation to back up your request. Requests for exemption are usually approved only when medical conditions dictate that the College meal plan or any modifications of the meal plan are unable to meet the needs of the student.