Academic Status

Attendance Policy

Rochester College expects regular and punctual attendance, which is recorded by all instructors and affects final course grades. Students are responsible for reading the attendance policy explained in each class syllabus. Students who miss more than 30% of scheduled class meetings are unable to pass the course.

NOTE: Only two absences are allowed in eight-week courses, but these absences should not be viewed as an entitlement; all absences have negative consequences.

Institutionally approved absences for athletics, performances, or other activities for which advanced notification is given by the appropriate college employee are granted without penalty as long as the absences are within the 30% acceptable limit. Individual faculty members may impose stricter absence limits within the 30% limit for absences other than those created by institutionally-approved activities. Athletes, performers, and others engaged in activities that take them out of class are responsible to make up work missed during these absences and to manage their attendance so that their academic performance is not compromised.

Instructors do not have to allow make-up of daily in-class work. Major assignments and examinations may be made up for institutionally-approved absences and doctor documented illnesses. Students must request a make-up within one week of the absence, or the instructor is not obligated to allow the make-up work. For institutionally approved absences, students must make arrangements with the instructor prior to the absence.

Students who miss more class meetings than allowed by the attendance requirement as stated in the course syllabus (and who do not withdraw by the last day to withdraw) receive a grade of F for the course. It is the responsibility of the student to withdraw from the course before the last day to withdraw. These dates are posted on the College website and at the beginning of this catalog.

Note: Students who do not attend the first three weeks of any class will be administratively dropped from the class and charged a $25 drop fee.

Attendance in an online class is defined as logging in and actively participating in the course. Active online participation includes taking tutorials, quizzes, or tests; submitting work to the instructor; or participating in online discussion boards.


Classification is based on total credit hours completed by the end of each semester. Transfer students are unclassified until prior credits are posted to their Rochester College transcripts. Thirty hours (30) are required for sophomore status, sixty hours (60) for junior status, and ninety hours (90) for senior status.

Course Changes

Any change to a student’s roster of classes must be requested in writing by the student. Traditional students may either submit their changes through the Student Portal Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal online form or send an email to from their RC email address. Traditional students may add or drop classes on or before the Census Date (the second Friday of each semester) without penalty. After the Census Date, full-term courses may not be added. Traditional students may add or drop accelerated Session B courses up to the course start date, as long as the student’s financial aid package is not modified. Withdrawals are processed as of the last date of attendance and noted as ‘W’ on transcripts. Withdrawals are not allowed after the date published on the College calendar. The Academic Services Office provides withdrawal dates for classes that meet less than full term. Once the Census date has passed, a $25 course change fee is applied per course.