Academic Support

Academic Center for Excellence

The mission for the Academic Center for Excellence is to assist students as they engage in learning at Rochester College and to help them realize their educational goals.

The College developed the ACE study lab to provide a distraction-free atmosphere equipped with computers and study aides. The ACE staff, faculty and peer academic assistants offer free tutoring in math, writing, accounting, biblical studies, business, communication, education, English, history, and science to all RC students, and can also assist with study skills and organizational needs.

The ACE is located in the lower level of the Community Hub for Integrated Living and Learning (CHILL) , which provides a quiet and comfortable area for individual and group study. For current ACE Hours, call 248.218.2173 or go to the ACE link at

Career and Testing Services

Career Services assists students in developing, evaluating, and initiating an effective career plan through self-assessment and exploration of occupational and educational opportunities. The Career Services Office assists students in relating personal interest, skills and values to academic pursuits, selection of a major and establishing career goals. Students are given the tools to begin a career planning process that will take them through graduation and into job placement or graduate school. Career Services also handles all CLEP and Compass testing for students. Contact the office for more information at 248-218-2076 or email Essie Bryan, Director of Career Services at

Academic Accommodation Services

Rochester College is deeply committed to maintaining an environment that provides reasonable accommodation to disabled students. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the College provides reasonable modifications, adjustments or accommodations to academic requirements and practices.

Those students requesting an academic accommodation should contact Caitlin Bechard at 248.218.2174 prior to the start of the academic year. Upon verification by a physician of the student’s disability, Caitlin will assist students in providing for their individual needs as required by Section 504 and the ADA. The accommodation granted to each disabled student may vary according to the type and degree of the individual student’s disability. Caitlin Bechard’s office is locted in the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).

Support Our Students

The Support Our Students (SOS) program provides additional resources, support, and mentorship to struggling Rochester College students using the Pharos360 program. A committee of faculty and staff meet each week to reach out to students who have been identified as struggling, whether it is for academic, social, mental, or other reasons. Students are responsible for responding to outreach from faculty and staff members, whether it be to decline or accept support via the stipulations of “Response to College Employees” policy outlined previously in the handbook. The intention of the SOS program is to help each student find success in their collegiate journey at Rochester College.