Computer Information Systems, BBA

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems is an online degree completion program for students who have completed an approved Associate of Applied Science degree in an information technology field such as IT professional, networking specialist, cyber-security, or programming. 

The computer information systems program at Rochester University prepares students to plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization. This baccalaureate degree completion program equips students with a solid foundation in business law, ethics, policy, finance, and management to promote professional growth for students with a background in IT, networking, and programming.

Program Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes are linked to assignments and activities throughout this program:

  1. CRITICAL THINKING: Professional graduates think critically and apply systems thinking to decision making.
  2. PROBLEM-SOLVING and APPLICATION:  Professional graduates apply functional area concepts and theories appropriately.
  3. PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION: Professional graduates communicate effectively by preparing and delivering oral and written presentations using appropriate technologies.
  4. SOCIAL AND ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY: Professional graduates align personal, professional, and organizational conduct with ethical and professional standards of conduct including an understanding of corporate social responsibility.
  5. VOCATIONAL AWARENESS: Professional graduates demonstrate an understanding of God's ongoing story in the world and their responsibility to God, self, organization, and the world as a part of that ongoing story.

Requirements for the BBA in Computer Information Systems

Approved Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Technology 60 hours

Electives (if needed) 12 hours

General Education Core 6 to 35 hours

Up to 29 hours may be satisfied by AAS.

IDS 1011Vocation in Practice


REL 1002Introduction to the Christian Faith


REL 1013Survey of Biblical Literature


NOTE: It is recommended that students meet the MTA stamp qualifications before transfer. However, if a student is transferring from a school with a signed articulation agreement, the student should follow the program guide as published.

Prerequisites 9 hours

These courses should be taken at the community college before transfer. Please refer to the program and/or transfer guides for transfer equivalents.
ACC 2113Accounting I


ACC 2123Accounting II


BUS 2513Principles of Economics


Computer Information Systems Major 33 hours

A minimum of 30 hours must be taken at Rochester University. MGT 3703 Management Information Systems and MGT 3733 Project Management will be added to the degree plan for students needing additional hours to meet this requirement.

BUS 3003Business Communication


BUS 3033International Business


BUS 3303Business Law


BUS 4823Business Strategy and Policy


BUS 4943Ethics in Business


FIN 3203Principles of Finance


MAT 2413Elementary Statistics


MGT 2603Principles of Management


MGT 4813Management Internship


MKT 2503Principles of Marketing


SEN 3003Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship


The following courses, listed above in the major, may be taken at the community college or at Rochester University: BUS 3003, BUS 3033, BUS 3303, MAT 2413, MGT 2603, MKT 2503

Total Credit Hours: 120