Accounting, BBA

Our BBA in Accounting prepares students to become trusted advisers who can interpret numbers to direct corporate strategy. Accounting graduates will be prepared to handle a broad range of responsibilities including forecasting, internal controls, and decision support.

In addition to coursework, students will develop leadership and business skills through a combination of professional development opportunities, mentoring, volunteerism, internships and apprenticeships.

Our goal is to prepare students for careers in the Accounting field, continued education, and the following exams: the Certified Managerial Accountant Exam, Certified Public Accountant Exam, or the Internal Auditor Exam.

Program Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes are linked to assignments and activities throughout this program:

  1. CRITICAL THINKING: Professional graduates think critically and apply systems thinking to decision-making.
  2. PROBLEM-SOLVING and APPLICATION:  Professional graduates apply functional area concepts and theories appropriately.
  3. PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION: Professional graduates communicate effectively by preparing and delivering oral and written presentations using appropriate technologies.
  4. SOCIAL AND ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY: Professional graduates align personal, professional, and organizational conduct with ethical and professional standards of conduct including an understanding of corporate social responsibility.
  5. VOCATIONAL AWARENESS: Professional graduates demonstrate an understanding of God's ongoing story in the world and their responsibility to God, self, organization, and the world as a part of that ongoing story.
  6. TECHNICAL COMPETENCY: Professional graduates prepare, apply, interpret, and evaluate financial and non-financial information in accordance with approved accounting standards to assist them in making business and organizational decisions.
  7. ETHICAL CONDUCT: Professional graduates analyze, assess, and respond to ethical challenges faced in a business environment using historical events, the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, and the student's own moral code to act in an ethical and professionally responsible manner.

Requirements for the BBA in Accounting

General Education Core 35 hours

(The Social and Behavioral Science general education requirement is covered in the major by BUS 2513. The Diversity general education requirement is covered in the major by BUS 3033.)

Business Core 42 hours

Accounting Major 30 hours

ACC 3113Intermediate Accounting I


ACC 3123Intermediate Accounting II


ACC 3143Cost Accounting


ACC 3213Auditing


ACC 3313Taxation


ACC 4213Accounting Information Systems


ACC 4323Governmental and Not for Profit Accounting


ACC 4413Advanced Accounting I


ACC 4423Advanced Accounting II


ACC 4813Accounting Internship


Electives 13 hours

Total Credit Hours: 120