Rochester University will hold commencement ceremonies at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters in the 2019-2020 academic year. Beginning 2020-2021, commencement will be in the spring semester only. Attendance is recommended but not required for graduation. A student will not be able to participate in the commencement ceremony if any degree requirements remain outstanding.

Each semester, students should review their academic progress with their academic advisers and apply for graduation through the student portal as soon as they reach senior status (90 credit hours). Application deadlines for Fall and Spring commencements are October 1 and February 1, respectively; the graduation fee is added to the student’s account upon receipt of their application. Summer graduates should apply by August 1. The registrar must receive transcripts from other institutions by the application deadlines. If transcripts have not been received by the appropriate date, the student may be moved to a subsequent commencement ceremony, provided all documentation has been received.

Course substitutions require approval of the department chair or director. Requests for graduation requirement waivers must be submitted in writing to the director or dean of the appropriate school prior to the last semester of classes. All financial obligations to the university must be fulfilled prior to students’ receipt of transcripts or diplomas.

Once a degree is conferred, a student’s transcript is permanent. If course work is completed after degree conferral, additional majors/minors will not be reflected on the student’s transcript, nor will academic honors be re-evaluated.